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7/10/18 08:23 am

this time I was reading fanfic and humrides of popups opined then resided being closed. this was after the abandoned city full of magical agents.

3/21/16 09:30 am

I dreamed I had to swallow a huge pile of quarters and dimes. it was very hard and it hurt, but I had to do it.
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12/16/15 08:44 am - nightmares

I woke up from a nightmare when squirrel was getting out of bed.

demons aliens were running around, I was in bed with some people curled up under a bullet proof sheet and something was trying to scratch my head open. the rain sounds were not helpful.

11/27/15 07:52 am - pirates

I dreamed some random women tried to get me to seal a pile of something, and walked of with my phone and wallet. Every single attempt to dial home was defeated because the phone I was using had an irregular mosaic of snippets of poetry for a keyboard. This went one for quite a while.
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11/10/15 07:20 am - dream

this was a weird one, some lotr style deity was poking around avatar and star trek.
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10/22/15 09:12 am - night

I am tired out by my dreams. first I stopped someone determined to eat an evil kind of fly amanita and they were still poisoned from holding the dumb thing, then I was drivin around my neighborhood by someone who couldn't know where they are. why are my dreams so annoying?
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4/15/15 08:47 am

Dreaming about riding in a bus in a snow storm in my night clothes is no fun. By the end of the dream I was dowsing off in a bathroom stall in a chruch. Hightlights include a pach of tiles that looked like cigarettes, misaligned and broken stalls, an anti abortion spiner wheel that used immunogenetics, medical equipment, and everyone and their dog entering my stall.

4/3/15 10:09 am

this time my dream was that someone had put neverland in a space station.  they wanted to sudy the fish.  so they built a space elevator and ported in an entire magic land.

2/11/15 08:40 am - What the

I had a dream about a hiphop limerick about camels.

1/11/15 09:35 am

Two (and a half) dreams of stumbling around looking for clothes in public. At lest the last one had the horror ending of me finding a staircase that should not be. And giving someone else advise was good, for once.

9/2/14 10:17 am

dreaming I am constantly oversleeping three or four times in a row in fifteen minutes is very frustrating.
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7/28/14 11:07 am

my new anxiety dream; I lost some toes, and they grew back, but there were too many and they grew in funny. I have no clue what this is for.

4/7/14 10:25 am - moving

I had an anxiety dream about moving to someplace that triggered every ones allergies, there was no warning. I also for some reason collected empty boxes and had made a yellow teapot that rested in is own cup. I think the now place was full of pine trees and had a wizard working there.

1/23/14 07:59 am - snake dream

I dreamed my family owned a traveling restaurant. so we were home and a snake eats a hyena in front of the front door. then snakes were trying to get into the house, then there were dragons. they took dad. then a man looked at me through a comic page and asked if I was the one to defeat him, I said I would kill him. so then all the snakes were besieging the house.
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9/19/13 08:59 am - Luvivia the pair of glasses

I dreamed I was doing landry, and I saw a maroon pair of foldup glasses with whole shell inlays. Mom told me they were her old pair.

3/13/13 06:21 am

I really hate some of my dreams. really hate.

and I don't want any more imaginery hate mothers.

12/14/12 10:08 am

Oh, my dreams.

The first one, Pinky Pie was watching as cb pulled himself into the bed I was in by his ankles.
A little after that an invisible big cat prowled around my bed like a kitten and then plopped onto my belly.

9/20/12 09:38 am

having a dream about someone finding a mutilated corpse, and the three plulkly kids who set out to find the fay monster that did it, is not conductive to good sleep.
I did dream about someone fiddling with a table and changing its setting.
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3/14/12 09:29 am

Why do ads invade my dreams?

I got informed of a new ISP that is meant to work with antique equipment. Three parts of some lady bragging about how the old technology was better, in the most dramatic possible way.

1/31/12 10:31 am

I was walking along an old route that included broken down train tracks.  We where asked to mow wheat out of a schoolyard, so I went in to a room and turned on a light.  There where three of me in the room passing the time, one smiled at me, I turned off the light and left quickly.  When I passed my partner I Indicated he didn't want to go in there, he didn't listen.  In another room two of bug and one of her friends where getting a lecture.

There was time travel too.

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